Commuting is not easy. Whether you’re taking public transportation or driving your own car, a lot of things can happen on the road that are stressful and take up a lot of your time. Instead of whining about it, here are ways you can lighten up during your commute.

Try to squeeze in a few minutes of workout.
Is it standing ovation inside the bus? If you have enough space to move around, try doing a few half-squats while the bus is not in motion. Another way to squeeze in exercise during your daily grind is to take the stairs instead of using the escalator or elevator–it may seem tiresome but doing cardio is good for your heart.

Do something productive.
You can also check and reply to emails while you’re on the road to lessen the workload once you get to the office. Another alternative: Find a fun activity to help you pass time. Dr. Frank Ghinassi, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, says that your commute is dependent on the thoughts you have about how you’re going to use the time. "Once you're in traffic, it can be perceived as a horrible, time-wasting event."

He also added that most people use their commute to stay updated. "Some people see it the way I just described, and others see it as a perfect time to spend time on the phone (hands-free, hopefully) talking to loved ones, listening to books on tape. People who commute in trains often use that time to catch up on sleep or a favourite novel. Others see it as an oasis of time when work isn't bothering them and they haven't yet gotten re-immersed in home activities."

Opt to carpool with someone you know.
Carpooling is definitely more convenient and saves you a lot of money. Find an officemate or a friend who has the same route as you, and you can say goodbye to boring commutes! If more people chose to carpool, it could lessen traffic congestion by a large scale.

Take the chance to clear your mind.
Put on your earphones and try to listen to soothing music while you clear your mind. Stop thinking about deadlines, presentations, and other things that stress you out–make your commute the time to de-clutter your mind from anything that worries you.

Change your routine once in a while.
Always taking the same route going to work? Why not try to take a different one next time? When you tweak your commute, you get to see new sights, meet different people, and gain new experiences. If you’re used to taking a cab or the UV express to work, try catching the train or the bus next time.

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