Hi, FNites! The rain may have been pouring all night, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel blue all day today, too. Here are a few things that should perk you up:

1. Work suspended for Metro Manila government offices

According to GMA News Online, government office employees can rest easy today as work has been suspended for all Metro Manila offices. Use this time to catch up on some sleep or bond with your family.


2. Hot chocolate

Another rainy season perk? You get to indulge in your favorite hot beverage!

3. That extra five minutes

Waking up early on Mondays is important to beat the traffic, but on such a cool morning, anyone can be forgiven to sleep for another five or 10 minutes. And because work has been suspended in Metro Manila government offices, you can rest easy and sleep the entire day!

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4. Jackets, sweaters, scarves

Can’t stand the cold? Take your favorite sweater to work and add a scarf to keep yourself warm and fashionable. Check out this gallery for our top picks!

5. Mood music

Bust out your James Morrison, Michael Buble, and Jaime Cullum for some rainy-day tunes! This article should get you started.


(1. Photo by bingbing via Flickr Creative Commons 2. Photo from Heirloom Philosophy via Andrea Tate on Pinterest 3. Photo from Harlow Matello on Pinterest 4. Photo from Farran Pierce on Pinterest 5. Photo from Jin Yong on Pinterest)

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