Let’s admit it, having your period is the worst–you get cramps, your mood swings are out of control, and you eat non-stop. Plus, women also experience the feeling of having to poop all the time, which further adds the discomfort! This leads us to ask: Is it really normal to poop so much when you’re on your period?

This video hosted by Anna Rothschild answers three major questions about menstruation–and that includes why women excrete so much during their red days. According to her, the culprits are the two bodily chemicals prostaglandins and progesterone.

The prostaglandins signal the uterus to contract so your body can push out the uterine lining and sometimes this could affect your digestive organs making you feel gassier than usual. Meanwhile, the progesterone is said to be a natural hormone that is produced by your ovaries. During your cycle, productions of these hormonses gradually rises, peaking right before your period and then drops dramatically. The side-effect loosens up your intestines, which eventually causes you to poop more. Watch the video below to understand more about the connection between your monthly visitor and number two habits:


SCREENCAP: Youtube/Gross Science

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