Whether you’re taking up further studies abroad or working in a different country, being away from home is probably one of the most difficult (but liberating!) things one can experience – especially if you’re going through it alone.

At first, it could be thrilling to be in a new place but as days progress to weeks and months, you’ll most likely start to feel homesick. Here are six things you should keep in mind to help you cope with the loneliness:

1. Stay connected with your family.
Keeping in touch with your loved ones while you’re away is essential. It could be through messaging apps or through gifts, either way it somehow gives you a sense of purpose on why you’re actually away from home. Plus, seeing the smile on your family’s face is enough to relieve the loneliness, right?

2. Embrace the culture.
Staying in your apartment all day and night won’t help at all. Go out and experience the city you’re in. It’s vital you learn how to adjust and be comfortable where you’re going to be living for years! Meet new people and create habits so that you can develop a life and a sense of belonging in your new home.

3. Limit the time you browse on your social media accounts.
Although social media lets you see what your loved ones are up to, it can also make you miss them more knowing they’re having all the fun without you. The best way to handle this is to set a time limit for when you’ll be online so you won’t dwell on the thought of not being there.

4. Remind yourself why you’re there in the first place.
Keep a journal and write on it every chance you get. It’s the best place to pour out your emotions – good or bad. Let the reason you’re there be your motivator to get things done.

5. Have a friend visit you, or reach out to an acquaintance in the area.
It may seem costly but if there’s someone close to you who’s planning to visit the country you’re living in, take the chance to meet up with them. You’ll be more excited to explore the city since you’re with a friend and you can enjoy the time together.

6. Create a routine.
You have to figure out what you’re going to do on a daily or weekly basis aside from going to work or school. Include fun activities and social interactions that’ll help you with the loneliness; if you know a few kababayans, make it a point to meet regularly so it’ll feel like you never left home.

If you’re a Filipina OFW living abroad and you’re looking for support or fellow kababayans you can connect with, visit out GirlTalk Forums!

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