Age is definitely just a number, as researchers say in a recent post that you are only as old as you feel.

Krystal Warmoth and other experts from the University of Exeter Medical School in the UK surveyed 29 older adults, asking them about their diet and lifestyle, as well as how old and frail they perceive themselves to be. They found that those who thought themselves as decrepit were more likely to stop participating in activities that would keep them fit and healthy, making them more prone to weakness and diseases.

Warmoth explains, "A person's beliefs about their self could lead to a loss of interest in participating in social and physical activities, poor health, stigmatisation, and reduced quality of life."

So if you keep on telling yourself that you're old and you can't run as fast or jump as high as you used to, then this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead of having that kind of mindset, why not be more positive? If you want to do something, go ahead and do it. Age definitely shouldn't matter.

(Screencap from You Again courtesy of Touchstone Pictures)

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