1. The gossips
Some people gossip because they're insecure about something. Others are just so bored with their lame lives so they make the time and effort to mind someone else's business and to blow it out of proportion or to fish for more info before helping in the ruin of someone's rep. Either case sounds evil, doesn't it? You bet. Cut gossips out of your life because they refuse to deal with their issues maturely and because they can't respect people's privacydo you think you can trust people like that with your life? Especially if they spill their own friends' secrets? They'll just distract you from getting to your goals.

2. The backstabbers
Like gossips, these are people you can't trust because they'll take everything you say and do against you. And these backstabbers have friends who'll believe what's being said about you. Sure, haters gonna hate. But it's better if you keep them far, far away from you so that you won't even hear what they're saying and spend precious seconds thinking of people who aren't worth your time. They'll do you no genuine good.

3. The crabs
Or people with crab mentality. Not only can't they bear to see other people succeed, but they just HAVE to bring that person down with the rest of them instead of working hard themselves to move up and succeed. What's up with that? Keep away because your success and future are at stake.

4. The always victims
These guys always play the victim card, meaning they're always saying that everyone's out to get them or that life's out to ruin them. They're not exactly bad like the others we've already listed, but for sure they're not taking responsibility of their lives. Maybe they need a little boost to realize that they're not always victims, that being a victim all the time is just in their mindset. And you can be a friend to them. But when they don't change and just keep you around just so they have one more person to blame for something bad, well, doesn't that sound like an unnecessary burden? Especially if they're not at all being a friend to you?

5. The green-eyed people
These people envy you so much that they can't be happy for you when you're having an awesome day, and they're thrilled when you're having a terrible one. In life, we need a solid group of supporters who have our backs, not people who wish us to screw up.

6. The ones all about themselves
Ever tried to reach out to someone for help or for a shoulder to lean on, and this person, instead of listening to you to empathize or just be quiet with your pain, makes the conversation about him? Or worse, you're not even done telling your problem and this person butts in and talks about what he's going through? Granted, cutting ties with this person may be too harsh if they're not even doing it on purpose. But having them as your go-to person for any big news, whether good or bad, might not be a very practical thing to do.

7. The suck-ups
There are two kinds of suck-ups. Suck-up A is the one that just showers you with praise, and Suck-up B is the one that does all these good things to you and does it hoping for something in returnhe plans to use the utang ng loob card one day.

You need a support group that knows exactly what you're trying to achieve and will do its best to help you achieve it. Suck-up As just fill you with empty praises, and they're empty precisely because they didn't even take the time to listen well to what you want and what's giving you a hard time. So yes, you can question their sincerity all you want. If you're not interested at all in people who aren't 100 percent sincere, you'll do well avoiding Suck-up As. Still, it must be said that they're not so bad.

Suck-up Bs know they have to network. They know better than to get on anyone's bad side because they're thinking that they'll need you in the future. They're sly. They're pretty strategic about expanding their network. Now, do you really want to be seen as
just someone to use? Where's the respect in that?

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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