According to Science Daily, positive emotions may increase levels of happiness and decrease levels of depression over time. In a study that was recently published in the journal PeerJ, researchers led by Danilo Garcia from the University of Gothenburg analyzed data on approximately 1,400 individuals to create affective profiles to determine the differences in happiness, depression, life satisfaction, and happiness-increasing strategies.

As people tend to adopt different ways to reach contentment, researchers used eight “happiness-increasing” strategies that have been defined in a previous study to find out which would have the most positive impact: social affiliation, partying and clubbing, mental control, instrumental goal pursuit, passive leisure, active leisure, religion, and direct attempts, which include consciously being happy.

Results showed that individuals with a “self-fulfilling” profile, those who used strategies that were related to self-control and acceptance, social affiliation, and spiritual values were the least likely to get depressed and more likely to be happy and satisfied with life.


So go on, look at the brighter side of things and smile more often. Positivity attracts positivity, and you’ll soon find life to be a better place than it was before.

(Photo by 58minutos via Flickr Creative Commons)

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