1Were there times that you find yourself craving for a bag of potato chips or a chocolate candy bar after sweating like a pig in the gym you? Turns out that there is a way to curb those unhealthy urges. According to a study published in the journal Marketing Letters, having fun while exercising may curb your cravings and keep you from consuming too many calories post-workout.

As highlighted in an article from Well+Good, the study examined a small group of 56 women. Half of them were required to run a one-mile course as an exercise, while half were asked to just go and enjoy the run. After the sprint, the members of the first group were most likely to crave junk food and eat more calories compared with the second group.

This study simply tells us that food should not be seen as a reward. Instead, the fitness routine itself should be considered as one. Now we know why others prefer sliced fruits as a post-workout snack while others rush to get a slice of pizza.

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Thankfully, there is an abundance of enjoyable exercises like Zumba, spinning, and even a simple jog with your girlfriends that we can do to torch fat, give us a fitness high, and keep the unwise chow choices at bay.

(Photo from Unique Daily via Grace Liwag on Pinterest)

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