Always sweating off at the gym but not seeing any results? Then there must be something missing in your diet regimen. Here are possible reasons you're not shedding off those pounds.

You’re not eating enough calories.
While most people think that slashing their calorie intake would help them shed off the pounds, some cut their calories way too low that it causes metabolic changes in their body. Your body needs energy to survive. If you don't pack on the right amount of calories, it could slow down your thyroid production, decrease muscle mass, and decrease energy levels.

You don’t drink enough water.

If you're looking for a little help in losing weight, try drinking water. Katrina Wilhelm, M.D., a naturopathic physician in Lake Oswego, Oregon says, "It's best to consume the bulk of your water away from foods [and] meals, 30 minutes both sides of a meal should do." According to the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine, healthy women should ingest about 11 cups (91 oz.) of water whereas healthy men should around 15 cups (125 oz.) of water a day, from all food and beverages.

You eat too fast.

Richard Béliveau, chair for cancer prevention and treatment at the University of Quebec in Montreal and author of Eating Well, Living Well says, "Eating fast does not allow your brain to react to the satiety signal coming from your body." Your body needs time to adjust before it sends a signal to your brain that you are actually full.

You don’t control your meal portions.
Even though you eat just three meals a day, consuming two or three cups of rice per meal won't do your diet any good. Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, author of The Flexitarian Diet suggests to bulk up your meals with veggies to cut off the calories while making you full fast.

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