When the lights are off and you’re just about to sink into dreamland, the last thing you usually hear is white noise--a certain pitch of "nothingness" that is actually an accumulation of sound frequencies.

Although the sound of silence may put you to sleep, there’s actually something that can lull you into a deeper, more fulfilling state of rest, and that’s a type of sound called "pink noise."

According to NBCNews.com, a study conducted by researchers from Peking University proves that pink noise is beneficial for those who wish to sink into a more restive slumber. In an experiment, 50 participants were invited to either sleep with white or pink noise in the background. Of these, 75 percent reported to having slept better with pink noise. Also, consistent sounds increased the amount of "stable sleep" by 23 percent among those who slumbered at night and by 45 percent among those who napped during the day.

Pink noise is a type of sound with octaves that carry the same consistent frequency, such as the soft hum of an air conditioner or the sound of waves crashing against the shore. It’s been dubbed "pink" because light with similar regularity gives off a rosy hue. "Think of rain falling on pavement or wind rustling the leaves on a tree," says study author Jue Zhang, PhD.

If you wish to catch some satisfying Zs, why not try opening your window to let the sound of the rain in? You can also download mobile apps on your phone that can play pink music while you sleep. Remember that enough rest can help your body recover from stress faster, getting you in the perfect mood for facing another day and its challenges and triumphs.


(Photo by Hervé de Brabandère via sxc.hu)

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