Quitting smoking is hard, but the support of a loved one may increase your chances of successfully kicking the habit, reports Science Daily.

Psychologist Urte Scholz from the University of Constance and a team of experts from the University of Zurich worked with 99 live-in couples: one is trying to kick the habit, while the other does not smoke. The former were surveyed about the kind of support they received from their partner two weeks prior quitting as well as a month after they quit. Researchers also measured the amount of carbon monoxide found in the quitting party's breath to see just how successful they were.

The results showed that partner support helped provide 34 of the 99 quitters with the emotional strength and confidence to get over cigarettes in spite of the difficulties, and it enabled them to stick to their chosen smoking alternatives.

This goes to show that with a proper game plan, the right mind-set, and effective partner support should go hand in hand when quitting smoking. This way, the transition can be less painful, and though gradual, more successful.


(Photo by Matt Trostle via Flickr Creative Commons)

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