Most kids consider recess their favorite subject, but according to a study featured on, they might actually be on to something. Apparently, recess, specifically outdoor recess, may lower their risk of nearsightedness.

For the study, 333 students from an elementary school were required to have outdoor recess every day from 2009 to 2010, increasing their time under the sun to a total of 80 minutes a day. A second group of students from another school acted as a control group and went on having regular breaks indoors.

The two groups underwent eye exams at the beginning of the study and a year later. Results showed that fewer students from the outdoor recess group developed nearsightedness as compared with participants from the indoor group.

To maximize the study's findings, researchers recommend that schools include breaks beyond the confines of the classroom. Parents may also opt to make outdoor play a regular routine, instead of letting the kids stay indoors with their gadgets.

(Photo by Ken via Flickr Creative Commons)

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