Freshly squeezed, all natural orange juice may do more than just provide you with your daily dose of vitamin C. According to Science Daily, it may also help protect you from cancer.

In an upcoming article on Nutrition and Cancer: An International Journal, researchers revealed that the beneficial link between this favorite breakfast drink and cancer chemoprevention may be attributed to high levels of antioxidants present in OJ, namely: the flavonoids hesperitin and naringenin. The review also found that children who drank fresh orange juice on a daily basis had lower risk of developing leukemia, while adults had smaller chances of having breast, hepatic, and colon cancer.

However, consuming too much OJ may also create health problems in kids, as well as in patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, and kidney problems. Excessive amounts may result in hyperkalemia, a condition which, according to MedlinePlus, is caused by high levels of potassium in the blood, leading to symptoms that include nausea, irregular pulse, and slow heart rate.

You may start with a glass every morning, but researchers still recommend clarifying just the right amount of OJ to drink every day with your doctor.


(Photo by Kyle McDonald via Flickr Creative Commons)

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