Good news, weight watchers! reports that you can still lose those excess pounds without lessening your sugar intake.

James M. Rippe, MD, and his team investigated sugars and sweeteners usually added to food eaten regularly by the average individual. He notes, "We wanted to design a study that would generate information that is useful and applicable to the way people actually eat, not speculative results on simulated laboratory diets that focus on one component at extreme dietary levels.”

Working with 247 overweight people from ages 25 to 60, researchers observed how regular intake of food with sugar and high fructose corn syrup affected a person's weight. At the end of two weeks, they found that sweets didn’t make the participants gain anything--in fact, it didn’t have any effect at all.

How is it possible? Apparently, it’s all about calorie intake reduction. As long as you manage to lessen the amount of calories, you don’t really need to cut back on your regular sugar consumption.

However, that doesn’t give you the liberty to go on a chocolate field day. Too much sugar can cause your insulin levels to shoot up and disrupt your metabolism. Allow yourself to eat kinds of food that are natural sugar sources such as fruits, wheat, and low-fat milk; stick to dark chocolate instead of milk; and if you've been good, reward yourself with a cookie or two. Remember, that when dieting, the key is moderation.

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