These days, it’s not unusual to see women jogging around the metro in their tracksuits and mp3 players. They speed past you on your way to work or home, looking like perfect poster girls for healthy living. Unconsciously, you feel yourself walking a bit faster to try and match their pace. The urge to run free niggles at you, until the day you put on your track shoes. Before you go out on your first run, however, take a moment to read Nike Master Trainer Marie Purvis’s tips for first-time runners.

1. Don't run every day.

Yes, you want to be fit, but it’s unrealistic for you to commit to a daily run, especially if you aren’t really used to exercising in the first place. Don’t burn yourself out this early in the game. “I would say run every other day,” advises Marie.

2. Make it fun.

Don’t let running be something you have to do. “I know sometimes running can be intimidating for other people, so either get a rocking playlist, run with a friend, or sign up for a race--that helps you stay motivated because you know you signed up for a race, you're like 'Oh my gosh, I have to do it no matter what, so I better start running.’”

3. Don’t go out too fast.

“ A lot of the times, when we start running, we don't know our own pace, and so we start out, we go, we get really excited, and we go really fast in our running pace, and then five minutes later, you're like, 'I'm dying,' and you start walking, so I'd say start off slow, and start to build that endurance.”

(Photo courtesy of Nike; edited by Jennifer Chan)

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