high_pressure_jobs_1.jpgA study published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine has found that women with high-pressure jobs are at significant risk of heart disease, according to this article on ScienceDaily.com. Whereas previously, this risk was observed primarily in men, women are also showing the effects of overwork and stressful jobs.

Starting in 1993, the hospital records of 12,116 female nurses between the ages of 45 and 64 were tracked to monitor the impact of work pressure on heart health. “By 2008, 580 nurses had been admitted to hospital with ischaemic heart disease, which included 369 cases of angina and 138 heart attacks,” shares the article.

Researchers discovered that the nurses who considered work stress “a little too high” had 25 percent more chances of getting ischaemic heart disease, as compared to those who considered work stress to be reasonable. Even more distressing, nurses who considered the stress “much too high” had almost 50 percent more chances of getting ischaemic heart disease.

Findings also suggest that only the nurses under the age of 51 saw a significant risk to their heart health, which means that a stressful job is more likely to make younger women susceptible to heart disease.

Have you got a demanding job? Take these quick tips to set your heart at ease!


When you lollygag at the job, you eventually find yourself racing to meet looming deadlines and getting highly stressed in the process. Don’t procrastinate. Use your time responsibly so that you can accomplish all your tasks within the allotted schedule—without having to rush.


Seeing piles of unfinished assignments can be quite daunting to a lot of people, but don’t let it get to you. Adopt a positive, proactive attitude toward any tasks that come your way—this will give you the willpower to get through even the most impossible stack of paperwork.


Men—and women—are social beings, so don’t think that you have to experience your work pressures alone. Find someone who’s been there, done that, and succeeded at the job regardless, so that you can discuss your own plan of action and get great advice on how to hone your abilities.


The best way to alleviate pressure is to get away from it, even for as little as a couple of minutes. When you feel your stress levels rising, leave your desk to get a snack, a cup of coffee, or even just a breath of fresh air. This will help clear your head, replenish your body, and get you prepped for the final stretch. You can do it!

For more details on this study, read the full article on ScienceDaily.com.

(Photo by Kai Huang)
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