repetitive_food_inside.jpgA new study that will be published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that having the same food over an extended period can help your chances in losing weight.

Leonard Epstein, a nutritionist at the University of Buffalo, and his colleagues conducted the study, which included 32 female participants of varying weights who were then divided into two groups. The women were asked to perform tasks and afterward given equal portions of macaroni and cheese. They were also told that they could have as many helpings as they wanted.

The difference was that one group of women came in once a week for five weeks, while the other group came back to be observed for five consecutive days. According to, "By the end of all of the sessions, the once-a-day group had decreased its calorie intake of macaroni by about 30 cal. per session, while the once-a-weekers had increased theirs by 100 cal. The conclusion: the first group had simply gotten sick of the stuff."

While this may not come as a surprise to most people, the article on says that it "could also shed light on the link between overeating and addiction."

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