Feeling the heat at work? Find yourself in need of a little pick-me-up? We’ve got the perfect comfort food for you: dark chocolate! If you’ve ever felt guilty after devouring your favorite piece of choc, this might put your worried mind at ease. According to Science Daily, research shows that the moderate consumption of dark chocolate is good for the health.

The results of a clinical trial conducted by the Journal of Proteome Research showed that eating an ounce and a half (around 43 grams) of dark chocolate a day for two weeks lowered stress hormone levels in highly-stressed individuals. The researchers also found out that the antioxidants in dark chocolate help reduce the chance of getting heart disease and similar conditions.

So the next time you feel your stress levels intensifying, hit the brakes and grab a piece of dark chocolate. But be careful not to indulge too much—those are still calories you’ll need to account for, and “moderate” is the word of the day here!

Need some help picking your brand of rich, chocolate-y goodness? Scroll through the choices below to see a few of the dark chocolate brands out in the market today. We’ve also taken note of the prices and calorie count per brand and bar or packet size.
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