This Women’s Month, we’re all about celebrating the life of ladies who have expressed resilience and unwavering strength despite life’s curveballs. And what better way to start off than with supermom actress and culinary maven Nadia Montenegro, who recently opened up about her journey in a viral social post.


The actress, who is set to turn 50 next month, proudly took to Instagram to pen an empowering message on body confidence. “Turning 50 next month and embracing every wrinkle, white hair, scar, blemish, and flaw, and loving it,” she captioned her no-filter selfies.

By her count, she has gone through 14 surgeries over the course of her lifetime, seven of which are births via the cesarian method. She also went through three surgeries to correct her blind left eye, one for her ovarian cyst, one for her gastric lap band, and two liposuctions.

Aside from the major surgeries, she also survived two car accidents and one instance where she fell off a four-story building at the tender age of nine. She also opened up about losing everything in a fire, getting devastated by a typhoon, and coming to terms with her other health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

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Career-wise, Nadia started working on the entertainment scene at 11 and has been ~*hustling*~ ever since—even now that she’s a single mom with eight children. Wow!

Throughout it all, she has exhibited extraordinary strength and perseverance, crediting her faith as her ultimate anchor. She revealed, “I am just grateful to be the woman I am now. Stronger, wiser, tougher, and a believer of God! He never gave up on me. Now that I am so much wiser than yesterday, I have found my purpose. I only have two choices in life. I please God, not man!”


Her message to her fellow women? “I empower every woman reading this to embrace every trial, every disappointment, diagnosis, heartbreak, defeat as a step closer to your peace of mind, happiness, finding your purpose, and victory.”

“I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend a mother-in-law, and most importantly, I am a mother and child of God. Happy Women’s Month,” she concluded, adding the hashtags #RealTalk #BeingReal.

What an amazing inspiration, Nadia!

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