If you're planning to lose weight, you may want to start cutting back on alcohol.

This is what the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) said in a recent statement posted on MedicalNewsToday.com, noting that many of those who swore to lose excess pounds at the start of the year may not even know that 10 percent of an average person's total calorie consumption can be attributed to alcohol. Your favorite spirit may in fact contain seven kcal/g, which isn't that far off from actual fat at nine kcal/g.

Don't get us wrong; alcohol is not completely evil. In fact, it may even be beneficial when taken in small amounts. In our previous articles, we've mentioned that moderate drinking has been known to lower stroke and breast cancer risks, and even promotes good health in older women. However, too much alcohol may cause many physical afflictions such as obesity, other types of cancers, and DNA damage.

In order for people to better understand alcohol's calorie content, the WCRF has created a calorie calculator which shows how a glass of your favorite drink is equivalent to a certain number of chocolate digestives, as well as and how many minutes you need to walk the calories off. Here are a few examples:

*A small glass of wine contains 178 calories, the same as around 2 chocolate digestives, and would take 38 minutes of brisk walking to burn off.

*One vodka and orange juice contains 109 calories, the same as around 1 chocolate digestive, and would take 23 minutes of brisk walking to burn off.


If you worry about being too much of a calorie counter, the WCRF also provides tips on how to help you cut down on alcohol without thinking too much about the numbers. Also, do your best to avoid drinking too much on a daily basis. Consuming alcohol a few times in a week or only during special occasions may help you lower your calorie count, and keep both your mind and body healthy.

(Photo by David Brown via Flickr Creative Commons)

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