1. That time when the loose change in your bag saved you from being short of pamasahe when you forgot your wallet at home.

2. The perfect cup of coffee to make things better.

3. Post-Christmas sales! Because let's admit it: Slashed prices are always better!

4. When you had to go back to your house for your mobile phone and you take a bus with a cutie right next to you.

5. Adorable pet videos that always crack you up when you're feeling blah.

6. Remember the moment when your boss said he was impressed with your report? Use that thought to motivate you to go to work on Mondays.

7. Let's be thankful for the restaurant crew that served everyone on Christmas day, so you could have a Christmas feast with your family.

8. When you were so stressed at work and went home to a bowl of hot sinigang your mom made for you.

9. The holiday traffic caused you and your dad to bond more over a conversation you haven't had for ages.

10. Simply waking up to another day.

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