A healthy lifestyle isn’t just limited to watching your weight. According to Drew Ramsey, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry and co-author of The Happiness Diet, a healthy lifestyle also includes making sure that our brain gets all the nutrients it needs to handle both cognitive and emotional tasks.

But what kind of nutrients does our brain need in the first place? According to Ramsey and his co-author, Tyler Graham, a journalist who specializes in health and fitness, there are several essential elements of happiness that we should all take note of. Some of them include magnesium, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.


You don’t have to give up everything you love just to keep your brain well fed. Vegetarians might be on the right track, but the happiness diet also consists of meat from time to time. "Just eating kale and salmon won’t give you bliss, but by promoting stable, positive moods, better focus and concentration, and improved energy, people will engage in their lives in ways that promote feeling their best," says Ramsey.

If you're interested in trying this diet, remember that you can't change your lifestyle overnight, especially if you're used to eating processed and sugar-laden foods. For a smoother transition, start by gradually increasing consumption of foods that are high in the aforementioned elements of happiness. And with new restaurants offering organic and healthier options popping up left and right, you can take your time and have fun trying them all.

(Photo by malloreigh via Flickr Creative Commons)

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