If you're worried that having your dog around your newborn may trigger allergies, here's good news for you. According to Science Daily, infants exposed to canines early on in life may actually have an easier time building resistance against allergies and asthma.

Researchers from the University of California and the University of Michigan found that mice that were exposed to dust from homes with dogs developed a stronger community of microbes, which helps increase tolerance toward common allergens and lowers risk of asthma-associated inflammatory reactions in the lungs.

Researchers believe that the one of the protective microbes in particular, the Lactobacillus johnsonii, helps in clearing airways and reduced asthma-inducing cells.

“We set out to investigate whether being exposed to a distinct house dust microbiome associated with indoor/outdoor dogs mediated a protective effect through manipulation of the gut microbiome and, by extension, the host immune response,” says researcher Susan Lynch.

The results are certainly enlightening. It just goes to show that early environment does have an impact on a person's development. Still, before you introduce your beloved dog to your infant, make sure you consult your pediatrician first. There are other factors which may affect the way both your babies react to one another.

(Photo by Jason Vasquez via Flickr Creative Commons)

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