You've sweat buckets in the gym, and you've cut down your food intake. All your hard work has had you trimmed down significantly, but you still have a bit of flab hanging around in your problem areas. Losing the last few pounds is a lot harder than losing the first ten because your body just wants to hold on those remaining pounds of jelly because it is programmed to go on survival mode when it loses weight. Although weight loss plateau can be discouraging, here are some tips on how to slash off those final pounds.

1. Engage yourself in fat-torching interval training.

It's time to shock your muscles to wake them up! Bump up your usual exercising routine by doing high intensity interval training (HiiT), so you really have to love burpees and v-ups by now.

2. Lift weights.

Apart from doing intense fat-melting cardio exercises, lifting weights will help you shed the last pounds. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t automatically bulk up when you lift. Strength training forms muscles that powers up your metabolism.

3. Eat clean and cut out all processed foods.

Whatever you see on the grocery shelf is most likely processed, so learn to read the labels. Check out the sodium, sugar, and saturated fat content of whatever you buy. Lay off on the alcohol, too! This can be hard, but you really have to resist the temptation.

4. Keep a food journal.

To keep you on track, jotting down what you ate will remind you of your fitness goal, but you have to be honest especially on the portion size. If you don’t want to record your previous meal, then you probably shouldn’t have eaten it.

5. Boost all your hard work with CarbTrim capsules.

Taken before every meal, each capsule has Phase 2 White Kidney Bean that helps reduce the calories we absorb from carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta, other starchy carbs). Plus, it also has L-Carnitine that helps burn more fat during exercise! It’s available in all leading drugstores so carry one with you always.

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