After months of going to the gym, and of course, dieting, it’s so gratifying to see the fruits of your hard labor. You don't just look amazing, but also feel better about yourself. But if you think you can just stop or take a week-long break from your healthy routine and not suffer any consequences, think again!

According to Shawn Arent, an exercise scientist at Rutgers University, that’s all it takes for you to become out of shape: a week. "If you stop training, you actually do get noticeable deconditioning, or the beginnings of deconditioning, with as little as seven days of complete rest. It very much is an issue of use it or lose it."

How do you prevent all your hard work from going south then?

Arent says it’s about making regular exercise and a balanced diet a part of your lifestyle. "It can't be that 'it's an exercise program so it can't be that it's a fitness program,' it's part of who you are it's part of what you do, it's part of your life. And so when you make it a priority, you don't have to worry about those deconditioning effects. But yeah, you start taking a couple weeks off here and there, and you miss a few weeks, do you decondition? Yes you do ... Depending on what your level of fitness was, within a month to two months you can see complete loss of all gains."

Need some serious fitspiration to work out? Read on!

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