You’ve been called masungit, suplada, and sometimes, even diktadora because of how quickly you lose your cool, but no matter how justified your anger is, it’s not worth getting sent to the hospital to. Yes, the hospital. According to researchers from the Cedar-Sinai Heart Institute, women who suffer from coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD) may be more likely to have heart failure when suffering from emotional stress (read: anger).

In an article on, they explain that anger triggers a fight-or-flight instinct in women with CMD. This speeds up the heart rate and keeps the nerve activity responsible for calming you down from working at full power, leading to constricted arteries and, eventually, chest pain. But those who don't suffer from CMD aren't necessarily off the hook, either. Women generally have smaller arteries as compared with men. This means our arteries are more prone to blockage, which could lead to several complications.

That said, perhaps it's high time you channel your emotions in more productive ways. Instead of immediately flying off the handle about, say, your sister scratching your car, consider teaching her the right way to parallel park, so she won't make the same mistake again. We know it's easier said than done, but hey, it's better than the alternative, right?

(Screencap from Rachel Getting Married courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics)

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