We all pretty much have a morning ritual. We wake up, head to the bathroom, eat (or skip) breakfast, then go to work. Some days seem promising when we get up feeling energized before our alarm even rings, so we have time to do everything without rushing. Some, though, are going to be a drag and we just know it, especially when the morning doesn’t start "right."

The point is that there’s something about the morning that seems to set the tone of our day. So here are some things you can do to make sure your day is promising and bright.

1. Look forward to the things you’ll do.

You might have something big—dreadfully big or excitingly big—ahead, so anticipate how life-changing that actually is and be glad about moving and making decisions in your life. If the day will just be like any other, look forward to doing your tasks well and finishing them. You’ll find yourself pumped up!

2. Say positive things.

As you look forward to your day, be sure to think and say positive words. Tell yourself you look beautiful. Think that you can ace that interview or test. Believe you’ll accomplish your tasks. It doesn’t matter if at the back of your mind you feel unprepared—ignore that. Your inner strength will make you power through the day, so let it.

3. Have a laugh.

Your facial expressions affect your emotions. Laughing produces endorphins, so laugh or smile to feel much happier. It helps to read or watch something funny, or be the jokester yourself.

4. Try to get some fresh air.

There’s nothing like getting some fresh air to feel relaxed and energized at the same time. It’s actually even more effective in giving us energy than taking an energy drink.

5. Look at beautiful things.

Beautiful things like birds and flowers inspire you to make beautiful things of your own. And when you create them, you make a positive impact on yourself and the people around you. Beautiful things even make you feel lucky to just be able to see them and be part of them in some way.

From: cosmo.ph

PHOTO: Pixabay

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