Losing weight is such as struggle, especially when you’re already in your thirties, and for some reason your body seems to be storing all those croissants and chocolates faster than it used to. Getting those extra pounds off isn’t just for aesthetics – it’s also a lot about health. What’s frustrating is that sometimes, no matter how much you watch your calorie intake or how often you visit the gym, nothing seems to work.

This is where slimming clinics come in. These establishments are there to give you that much-needed push towards healthy weight loss. Sure, you’ve heard about going under the knife, but these days there are many options that include non-invasive procedures that, with a bit of discipline on your part, can give you the results that you desire.

We were given the chance to try out Laserfit by Contours, a non-invasive procedure which highlights the use of Zerona, a kind of laser that targets fats just beneath the skin. Here’s what we’ve learned.

It’s a straightforward procedure.


You’ll be lying on a bed for a total of forty minutes while Zerona targets bulges in your belly and waist area. It’s actually that simple. You can try catching a nap while the cold laser stimulates and melts fat. The effect of Zerona lasts for three days, so that’s basically 76 hours of fat dissolution.

You can’t do away with exercise.
The Laserfit program isn’t only about waiting for the magic to happen. You also need to get your fanny moving. After the 40-minute Zerona session, you need to do a ten-minute cardio workout before doing Vibrafit exercises, which literally shakes your cellulites. You may feel itchy after, but that’s actually a sign that what you’re doing is working.

You need to watch what you eat.
More than just exercise (which is just 20 to 30 percent of weight loss), you need to change your diet. During the duration of the program which is a total of six sessions at the very least, you have to give up caffeine. Moreover, it’s recommended that you follow the 7-inch plate diet guide to portion control:

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  • For breakfast – half a plate of cooked or canned fruit, ¼ plate of starchy food, ¼ plate of meat; and
  • For lunch and dinner – half a plate of vegetables, ¼ plate of starchy food, ¼ plate of meat.

Slimming down needs a lifestyle overhaul.

After all your Laserfit sessions, you’ll notice visible changes in your body like a flatter tummy or firmer arms. Your weight may not necessarily change much since you may have lost fat and gained muscle mass, but your clothing will feel slightly looser. The improvements differ from person to person, but of course, the procedure is much more effective if you have enough discipline to change your lifestyle. Sleeping early, avoiding cravings, and eating at the right time every day are only a few of the ways that you can improve yourself.

Remember that professional slimming procedures aren’t instant answers to your weight problems. You still need to put in effort, and when you do, you’ll be reminded about how it’s totally worth it every time you look at the mirror.

For more information, visit Contours at SM Megamal, 5th Floor, Building A, or contact them at 635-4984.


PHOTO: Pixabay, Charlene Owen

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