Being a mom isn’t as simple as it seems, and sometimes, becoming one isn’t either. For one, infertility issues are common among women, and your favorite celebrities are no exception. Shedding light on what seems like a taboo topic, style maven and actress Heart Evangelista got refreshingly honest about her journey with In vitro fertilization (IVF).


In a report by that mentions her interview with L'Officiel Philippines, Heart opened up about her struggles with the treatment. "With IVF, they inject you with fertility hormones. It was very difficult and painful. I had three injections a day over a two-week process.

“After harvesting and the processes that came after, they were able to gather the perfect boy and the perfect girl,” she adds.Heart evangelista ivf journeyInstagram/iamhearte

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With this and the heartbreaking miscarriage she had to go through in 2018, Heart reflects on the pressures of motherhood for women like her, hoping to shed light on the stigma around it.

She ponders, "Am I ready for a child? I actually have a baby boy and a baby girl waiting for me, but I’m really at this stage in my life where [I ask myself], ‘Do I want a child because I want a child?’ or ‘Do I want a child because the environment or culture dictates that I should have a child?’”

Despite her *existential crisis*, she encourages fellow women with the same lifestyle as her to pursue a similar route if they want something that “buys them time.”

"Any time they decide on having a child, the embryo is there. Whether you decide immediately or five years from now, there is no deadline. Also, the process is available in the Philippines and not just abroad," she said.


Heart also took the time to express her gratitude to her husband Chiz Escudero, who was nothing but *supportive* throughout the difficult times. She shared, "Chiz is a really good guy though we're very different because he's very conservative and I'm also a little bit more modern.

"Perhaps it's because of our age gap. But what I like about him is he tries. He tries to be as supportive as he can be."

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