With the Unicorn, Dragon, and Mermaid Frappucino drink craze taking over social media, it's smart to know that although these drinks may look and taste yummy, they are loaded with sugar, a common culprit of inflammation and weight gain. Apart from that, the fancy staple coffee drinks get a bad rep because of the high calorie content, too. A Grande Starbucks Mocha Frap can cost you 410 calories, and a medium McCafe Frappé Caramel is worth 500 calories! And since we understand that it's challenging to let go of this coffee shop habit, here are some tips on how to *cheat* your way to a healthier caffeine fix.


1. Go black

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Do away with the syrup, sugar, and milk and just order a hardcore cup of Joe. Your coffee shop options may be cold brew, brewed coffee, or caffe Americano. If you want a sweeter jolt, add stevia or honey as a sub for sugar.

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2. Make it light

Drink of choice for today's EXTREMELY HOT weather ????#thiswillbeahabit

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If you're a blended beverage fan, ask for non-fat, skim, or soy milk and skip the whipped cream. You can save up to 150 calories!

3. Add cinnamon

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Besides adding flavor to coffee, the cinnamon spice is bursting with antioxidants that can keep us from getting sick. Plus, some scinetific studies that suggest that cinnamon can lower blood pressure and glycemic index.

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4. Downsize it.

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Instead of getting a huge cup of coffee or crimping on the fab ingredients (if you really like it f-a-n-c-y), simply order an 8-ounce serving to save on the calories, not the taste.

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