This 2021, local celebrities championed self-care and self-love by sharing their fitness journeys online. Their honest and inspiring posts are proof that hard work truly pays off, and we couldn't help being as excited as they are for achieving their goals. Besides, who wouldn't get good vibes from seeing those satisfied smiles?

That said, we obviously don't want to keep the news to ourselves. Below, we rounded up seven local celebrities whose impressive transformations will inspire you to reach your own fitness goals!

7 Celebrities Who Wowed Us With Their Amazing Fitness Transformations

1. Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin, who has kept her weight loss journey mostly low-key, took the internet by storm with a fitness update last September. She posted mirror selfies that showed off her current figure, captioning the post, "Remember to love every inch of you."


As expected, the photos quickly went viral online. This led Angel to pen a follow-up post a day after, detailing her own struggles with weight loss and empowering others who are on a similar journey.

"For those struggling to lose that extra weight, please don't feel pressured. I tell you that I understand that it's not easy, having been fighting weight gain for years. Pressure did not and will not help. Just take your time. Your body, your rules," said the actress.

2. Janella Salvador

According to Janella Salvador, post-partum weight gain made her 40 pounds heavier than her "ideal weight." The 23-year-old opened up about it online, sharing that while she enjoyed every moment with her son Jude, she physically "did not feel like herself."

She explained, "Of course, gaining weight is totally normal after giving birth… but there comes a time where you want to be healthy and regain your strength. Working in a physical industry that relies so much on looks didn't help with the pressure either. I knew that eventually, I needed to start working again."

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With a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and liposuction courtesy of Dr. Vicki Belo, Janella was able to inch closer to her fitness goal. As proof, she dropped a set of stunning swimsuit photos on her feed—her first since giving birth a year ago!


3. Dimples Romana

For Dimples Romana, aspiring to become your fittest self isn't all about reaching your end goal. Every step of your progress is also worth celebrating, no matter how small it may seem!

The actress expressed this best when she posted before-and-after photos of her weight loss journey, which were taken just a month apart. The results were definitely impressive, and she was proud to share it with her followers.

"Posting this here to remind myself how far I’ve come. I guess when we're beginning our fitness and health journey, often nakakapanghina ng loob when you do so much yet you still feel like you’re achieving very little - but then sabi nga ng boss ko dito sa bahay– Callie– PROGRESS is PROGRESS," wrote Dimples.

She continued, "Happy to be able to fit into my old clothes AGAIN (tipid because I don’t have to buy anymore). [Happy to] think more clearly, my skin even got more radiant, and somehow I feel lighter in spirit and so much healthier and stronger, and INSPIRED."

4. Pauleen Luna

Three years after giving birth to her daughter Tali, Pauleen Luna Sotto decided to fully commit to getting her "pre-baby body" back. She chronicled her progress on Instagram, saying she's approaching weight loss "slowly but surely and most importantly, happily."

To no one's surprise, Pauleen was more than successful in her pursuit! She lost more than 20 pounds within four months, slimming down even more as time progressed. By June 2021, she had already hit her goal. "Hello self! Good to see you again," she captioned a mirror selfie.


But it doesn't stop there! In October, Pauleen's physique updates peaked when she posted bikini photos from a trip to Amanpulo. Needless to say, she made everyone's jaw drop!

5. Sharon Cuneta

Transforming your physique doesn't have to be quick to be gratifying. Sharon Cuneta's journey to slimming down, for example, spanned five years, and the Megastar still couldn't be any happier with the results.

"The journey was not all smooth sailing, and there were a lot of ups and downs, [which called for] the team's encouragement [to help her] keep going," The Aivee's Clinic's Dr. Z Teo told Preview. The 55-year-old singer-actress went through nutritionist-supervised weight-loss programs, as well as a series of consistent body sculpting treatments. Aside from helping Sharon lose weight, the combination was also able to bring her to a healthier state of life. You can just see how her happiness radiates through her newest photos!

6. Kisses Delavin

There's no denying that Kisses Delavin put her best foot forward when she joined Miss Universe Philippines 2021. Next to developing essential beauty queen skills, the Pinoy Big Brother alum showed her determination by giving her physique a full overhaul. During the finals, there was almost no trace of the wide-eyed teen star. Instead, everyone was wowed by Miss Masbate Kirsten Danielle Dalvin, who had a svelte figure, killer abs, and a strong claim for the crown.


7. Mariel Rodriguez

After signing off from her breastfeeding years, Mariel Rodriguez was determined to begin and commit to a brand new weight loss journey. She slowly began changing her lifestyle at the beginning of 2021, when she was at her heaviest weight yet. "I was a 197 pounds. Uulitin ko po. Almost 200 pounds," she revealed in a vlog. 

According to Mariel, she knew the most difficult part of losing weight would be changing her eating habits. She shared, "Ako iyong type that I eat—as in I really eat. I eat a whole pint of Big Al's chocolate ice cream in one sitting. I can eat about five ice cream, alam mo iyon?"

With the help of diet coach Nadine Tengco, however, she was able to develop a healthier yet sustainable diet to reach her goals. Combining this with a more consistent workout regimen, she was able to lose 42 pounds in three months, bringing her weight down to 155 pounds.

"The main thing here is iyong mindset mo," Mariel said. "Eye on the prize, totoo iyon. When you're dieting, the only kalaban is really yourself. Labanan mo lang."



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