Indulging in a bag of chips once in a while is normal, but according to a study featured on, regularly consuming these packaged goodies, which contain high amounts of fat, may disrupt neurogenesis, a brain process which creates new nerve cells.

Scientists from University of Liverpool explored the effects of fish oil on the chronic snacker's mental health. Studying 185 papers, they found that fish oil has the ability to stop refined sugars and saturated fats from repressing the brain's control of how much food the body should take in, as well as protect nerve cells from damage.

Fish oil blocks the circulation of inflammatory molecules to the brain, including triglycerides, a kind of blood lipid composed of glycerol and fatty acids. This strengthens the protection of neurons, and stimulates the growth of new ones.

So if enjoy junk food, try to take fish oil supplements to counter its effects. Better yet, manage a healthier diet and avoid eating high-fat snacks on a regular basis.

(Photo by zimpenfish via Flickr Creative Commons)

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