A lot of women go through the day without giving their lady parts much thought. Some do, and go the extra mile to keep it “clean,” when actually half of the common beliefs about feeling fresh down there are wrong.

The fact is, your vagina cleans itself using natural secretions which are more commonly known as “discharge”. Contrary to what a lot of women believe, discharge is not something that should scare you.  “Vaginal discharge is not ‘always a bad sign’”, explains Dr. Suzy Elneil of the London University College Hospital on NHS.uk. “There is a myth that copious clear or white discharge is associated with sexually transmitted infections. Changes in the amount of discharge can be 100 percent hormonal – in other words, linked to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause.” But again, if you notice the smell or color is weird, consult your OB-GYN, stat!

Discharge, which varies depending on your cycle, is a good way to detect vaginal health. However, as with any part of the body, your vajayjay can also catch infections. In order to keep it healthy, you may want to follow these tips.


1. Maintain proper diet and exercise regularly.

You may not realize it, but keeping your hoohaa happy means keeping the rest of your body happy. Cranberry juice and yogurt are great in keeping common yeast infections away. Moving about – even just brisk walking for 30 minutes or using the stairs daily – can help keep your over-all wellness.

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2. Avoid douching.

Your pitinggay is home to many good bacteria, which help keep its acidity in check. According to Everyday Health, douching can disturb its pH levels and wash out the good bacteria, which makes the vagina more prone to infections.

3. Steer clear of highly-perfumed gels and other products.

As mentioned earlier, a healthy vagina properly cleans itself, so there’s really no need to use feminine wash every time you do toilet breaks. Steer clear of formulations that are too scented and go with gentle products. Better yet, ask your gynecologist what’s the right feminine wash for you.


Try: GynePro Feminine Wash, at department stores.

4. Change sanitary napkins often, and use pantyliners only when you need to.

Don't let your lady bits soak in your period—change your pad every two hours, especially when you are experiencing heavy flow. Forgetting to change to a fresh napkin will lead to bacterial infections. 

A lot of women use pantyliners too often, thinking that it’s more hygienic. However, wearing them when you don’t need to (e.g. when you're not spotting or about to get your period) can actually constrict your vajayjay. If you really need to put on a panty liner, use one that’s made of cotton. Cotton is known to be airy, and will help your lady parts breathe better. And speaking of cotton…

Try: Jeunesse Anion Napkins and Pantyliners, at department stores.


5. Go for cotton undies as much as you can.

Cotton absorbs moisture while letting your vagina breathe, so choose comfortable underwear made from it. If you can go commando at home, do so. Airing out your nether parts from time to time can do you good.


Try: Avon Brianne 7-in-1 Panty Pack, P650, at www.avonshop.ph.


5. Regularly visit your gynecologist.

According to Everyday Health, women should start seeing a gynecologist upon reaching the age of 21 or upon becoming sexually active. You should visit yearly because as with any part of your body, your vagina needs regular checkups so that if ever you do have issues, they can quickly be addressed.



PHOTO/s: Instagram @forloveandlemons, Pixabay, Pinterest

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