It’s the weight watcher’s mortal enemy: carbs. For most of us, managing our pounds means decreasing our carbohydrate intake, especially during dinner, since we won’t get to burn much of it off while we’re asleep. But there’s still hope for those who can’t live without rice: a recent study posted on showed that contrary to popular belief, carbohydrate intake at night may help lose weight.

Researchers from the Hebrew University have found that with the right meal planning, consuming carbs at night can actually make people lose 20 percent more weight and feel fuller the morning after. 78 Israeli police officers were put on six-month long diets with low-calorie meal plans with equal amounts of carbs, protein, and fat. Half of them were allowed to eat majority of their carbs at night while the other half had to consume theirs during the day. Blood hormone and hunger levels were recorded at the start and end of the study.

The nighttime carb-eaters group lost 27 percent more weight than the daytime carb-eaters. They also felt 13.7 percent fuller at the end of the study, while the regular dieters felt hungrier. The level of inflammatory hormones, which can cause heart disease and cancer, dropped 27.8 percent for the nighttime carb-eaters compared to 5.8 percent in the other group.

"Studies like this are useful for challenging the old dogma that carbs in the evening make you fat, but so long as you nail your protein, carb, and fat totals by the end of the day, you should time your meals according to personal preference,” Aragon concludes. Just remember to moderately eat the right kind of food at the right time, and weight management will be a great deal easier.

(Photo by Calgary Reviews via Flickr Creative Commons)

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