Which job do you think makes you more prone to gaining weight? Contrary to popular belief, those in the food business aren't necessarily the ones at high risk, as The Daily Mail reports that those who are tied to their desks are the ones who should watch their waistlines.

Job search company CareerBuilder recently surveyed approximately 3,700 employees and found that administrative assistants had the greatest risk of putting on pounds at 69 percent, while scientists have the lowest risk at 39 percent.

Of those who answered the poll, 55 percent felt that they were overweight, 41 percent gained additional weight due to their jobs, with 59 percent gaining more than 10 pounds. The weight gain was primarily caused by stress, meal skipping, and junk food.

The good news is that many of those who were surveyed seemed aware that their jobs were partly responsible for their weight gain. Approximately 50 percent of the participants went to the gym at least thrice a week, and 30 percent exercised intermittently.

Whatever your job may be, it's important to always balance diet and exercise. Taking care of your health won't only benefit your waistline, but it will also make you more mentally active and more effective at work.

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(Photo by Matt Barber via Flickr Creative Commons)

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