Men have always been known to be tough and resilient, but the reality is that they have their low points, too. Unfortunately, depression in men is oftentimes ignored, as this doesn't go with the macho image some people think that they should exude.

The Telegraph reports that it's not only women who make this oversight--even men can't tell if their kabarkada is depressed. A team of researchers from the University of Westminster worked with 1,200 people to see how well they can identify people suffering from this condition.

The participants of the trial were asked to read stories of two fictional characters named Jack and Kate. Both stories showed classic symptoms of depression; the only difference was their gender.

Results showed that 57 percent thought that Kate was mentally unstable, while only 52 percent though that Jack was. Moreover, 21 percent thought that Jack wasn't suffering from depression--twice as many as the 10 percent who thought the same of Kate.

Although the participants were a good mix of both genders, more men thought Jack to be "normal" as compared to women.

Depression isn't something that can and should be shrugged off. The study shows that both men and women need to be more sensitive to the conditions of the "stronger" sex in spite of the machismo that society often dictates. To the men, remember that it's not embarrassing to admit your weakness. Seek help from family, friends, and if it need be, professionals. After all, acceptance is the first key to getting better.

(Photo by hang_in_there via Flickr Creative Commons)

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