1. Buying groceries
Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 140

Walking supermarket aisles for one hour can help you burn an ample amount of calories, which is more or less equivalent to one filling snack. To burn more, go window shopping after. It's fun, and walking around actually helps strengthen your bones and muscles.

2. Cleaning the house

Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 243

Setting aside an hour a day to tidy up your place can burn 243 calories, so if your space is extra cluttered, look at the bright side—that's more hours of cleaning, and that's more calories lost!

3. Vacuuming
Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 238
Taking out the vacumming cleaner and sucking the dust beneath your couches and cabinets for 60 minutes can burn you an equivalent of a slice of chocolate cake. Amazing, right?

4. Mopping the floor

Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 306
If you've been dusting your tables and cabinets, why not mop your floors as well? On top of the 243 calories you burn for tidying up, you burn an additional 306. Not too bad for multi-tasking, huh? The combined torched calories is close to the numbers you can burn in a one-hour intense cardio workout!

5. Washing the dishes

Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 170
Have a mountain of dirty pots and pans on your kitchen sink? Treat washing them as a quick work out! Doing so is equivalent to burning two chocolate chip cookies.

6. Gardening
Approximate number of calories burned per hour: 334
Weeding, digging, planting, and picking fruits can really get you sweating, and the good news is that two hours of this is equivalent to two scoops of hot fudge sundae!


SOURCES: Huffington Post, Health.com, Livestrong
PHOTO: Stocksnap

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