The idea that eating chocolate regularly is better for your weight sounds unreal, but according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it’s definitely true. Through a thorough observational study, researchers were able to gather data from 1,018 men and women who exercised regularly and had good, balanced diets. From the information they supplied, researchers found out that people who love to eat chocolate are actually one point lighter on the body mass index scale than those who only indulge in it occasionally.

As insignificant as it sounds, one point is actually a big deal. For someone five feet tall, one point is equivalent to five pounds. For someone who is five feet and 10 inches tall, however, one point translates to seven pounds. You get the picture.

Still, how could eating more chocolates result in a smaller dress size? Cocoa is rich in antioxidants called flavonoids, which help with inflammation and blood pressure. These same antioxidants, researchers say, also affect metabolism and insulin sensitivity. Apparently, chocolate provides better metabolism and fights insulin resistance, which has been linked to hypertension and obesity.

Of course, you can’t just replace all your meals with chocolate. While dark chocolate has been known to be good for the heart, chocolate in itself has to be eaten with some restraint. Keep the portion of dark chocolate you eat down to an ounce a day.

(Photo by cleverocity via Flickr Creative Commons)

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