Believe it or not, the term BFF or "Best Friends Forever" is not a product of 21st century urban speak. It was not coined by Paris Hilton either, although we must admit that she probably had a hand in reviving it (whatever happened to the winners of her reality show, we wonder). The catchy abbreviation has actually been around since the ‘80s, but we believe that what it stands for is timeless.

A few weeks back, we started calling for BFF stories. Call it an initial experiment of sorts, but we wanted to find out just how friendships formed for different women. One of the first to respond was Winnie de Lunas, a reader who dropped us a message via Facebook. According to her, it took a major barkada conflict before she found herself saddled with two amazing BFFs: Natalie Pineda and Eliza Gonzales. Reading through some of the entries, we also found out that it’s possible to become BFFs with bullies or to find friendship after years of separation. Sound familiar? Maybe your BFF story has the same roots as that of our featured readers'. Why don't you click "Next" to find out?

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Who: Ja Ellao and Shiela Coo

How long have you two been friends?
"We’ve been friends for the last seven years."

How and where did you two first meet?
"Shiela is one of our boarders (my mom owns a small boarding house in Pasay City). She's been with us since I was in first year college. We weren't that close when she first moved in. In fact, I think the friendship only started to blossom after a year."

What makes her your BFF?
"We enjoy doing things together, from going to malls and beaches, and I admire her honesty. Lately, we've also gotten into running. The last run we joined was Run United on March 23. Like a true BFF, she supports my goal to lose weight."

(Photo courtesy of Ja Ellao)

Who: Louise Yongco and friends

How long have you been friends? "We’ve been friends since we were elementary--approximately five years."

How and where did you first meet? "I met them when the three of us joined our batch’s cheer dance group. We spent a lot of time together and eventually became close after the competition. We [remained] close even when they went on to high school and I stayed in elementary school."

"We eventually got separated when I dropped out of school; we became estranged and went on with our lives. After three years, I was able to get in touch with them; we reminisced about our experiences together and were able to catch up. Since then we’ve been inseparable. "

What makes them your BFF? "What makes them the best BFFs is that even after a long period of separation, it’s like we were never even parted ways. Yes, we do have misunderstandings at times, and we even have a bitch-offs, but our brawls never last for more than a day. Our love for each other is stronger than our pride, our egos, and that’s why when one person says sorry, we make up instantly. That’s what makes them my BESTEST friends!"

(Photo courtesy of Louise Yongco)

Who: Veronica | Darlyn

How long have you two been friends? Five years

What makes her your BFF? "Our totally different personalities just click! She's a bookworm, and I'm a musician. We love traveling and trying fun things together."

What's your most memorable BFF moment?
"I don't know where to start: there was this one time when we tried eating tom yum when she visited me in Singapore (we finished a bottle of water after the first spoonful!), and we also have fond memories of Boracay and Panglao. Even just a regular chat in the ladies' room becomes a fun memory when I'm with her."

(Photo courtesy of Veronica)
Who: Lorenna Laanan and Che Cerbo

How and where did you two first meet? "Hindi naman ako ma-chika, and si Che, tahimik din 'yan, so wala talaga. Nagkakilala lang kami 'nung high school (We are both introverts, so we were only able to get to know each other in high school)," shares Lorenna.

What's your most memorable BFF moment? "We usually hung out at my dad's office, which was located at the back of our house," Che shares. "One day, we decided to play Silent Hill, so we turned off the lights to fully enjoy the game. We were with Che's older brother and his girlfriend at that time. Che then brought a bottle of tequila, her brother's girlfriend ended up getting drunk, and we weren't able to finish the game because we got stuck at this particular level," Lorenna says, amidst peals of laughter. "I was also by Che's side when she gave birth--and I was even the first person to see the baby!"

(Photo by Myra Mortega-Calulo)

Who: Sheena Mielle B. Biñas ("Shines") & Lyka I. Yulo ("Lykes"), who call each other "Bestie"

How and where did you two first meet? "Preschool days, 1993. Montessori-style learning makes use of toys to teach Math. There was this "snake game" that we fought over, both of us claiming to be the first to have gotten the learning material. I really couldn't remember clearly who won, but I remember referring to her as my "bully" then. I also remember her pulling out my chair whenever I'd sit (resulting to me falling butt-first on the floor). I really hated her! But by some twist of fate, our moms became good friends then, and so we did, too. Never did I realize how those petty fights would bloom into this friendship we have now."

What's your most memorable BFF moment?
"November 2011. I was on the verge of giving up my lifelong ambition to become a doctor. I was undergoing a "catastrophic" semi-depression then and she visited me. Boy I was glad to see her! We were laughing and crying like crazy, I thought I had really snapped! After that visit, I walked her to the jeepney stop, and while walking, she just held my hand and prayed that I'd find my life purpose. Now, every time I walk on that road to pursue my calling, I remember that cold evening when my Bestie asked God for it."

(Photo courtesy of Sheena Mielle B. Biñas)
Who: Ria and Donna

How long have you two been BFFs? "We dont actually label each other BFFs, but we've been together through the years. I've known her since college so more or less, we’ve been friends for six years now."

What’s your most memorable BFF moment? "I guess it was when we both decided to get mani-pedi together (see photo). The girl tending my nails was a bit rough; my toes felt like bleeding afterward, and as if that wasn't bad enough, I managed to fall halfway in a sewer because it was too dark. Luckily, she was there and we just laughed at what happened. It was a BFF day disaster."

(Photo courtesy of Ria)

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