Take it easy with the holiday feasts, as eating too much and too often may not only cause additional pounds; it may also ruin your “food clock,” ScienceDaily.com reports.

It’s common knowledge that we all have body clocks that tell us things like when to go to bed and when to wake up. But in reality and without you noticing, there are many internal time keepers working at the same time to keep you functioning. One of them is the food clock, which handles your mealtimes. Technically known as the “food-entrainable oscillator,” it’s an entire operative network of genes and molecules that keeps your metabolic system properly working. It’s basically what keeps tab of your eating schedule, by making your tummy grumble half an hour before lunchtime and by processing your meal when you’re done.

Now, with the barrage of food that comes with the holidays, many people tend to eat large amounts at odd hours. This upsets the food clock. A sudden resetting will make many internal processes go haywire, such as absorption of nutrients and production of certain enzymes. It may even cause metabolic disruptions.

Although a certain protein called PKCy can assist in smoothening internal changes caused by new eating habits, it’s a must to go back to having your meals at the right hours after all the merriment is over. The food clock has been naturally set “during the prime foraging and hunting hours in the day,” and going back to your normal schedule of breakfast, lunch, merienda, and dinner will help the body “make most of your nutritional intake.” Make sure to also go back to eating healthy; assist your food clock with the right kind of diet.

(Photo by Dan McKay via Flickr Creative Commons)

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