Back aches may seem like a minor, "normal" problem anyone who has to sit in a desk all day experiences at some point, but ignoring it can take a toll on one's health and overall productivity at work.


Aside from strengthening your core or stretching every now and then, here are a few other helpful things you can start doing to lessen your back pains while you're in the office: 

Elevate your computer screen. 

When your computer is lower than your eye level, you'd naturally end up hunching over your desk at some point, and as you would know, a bad posture is one of the main culprits behind back pain. Grab a few books, boxes, or anything that can you can prop your desktop or laptop on to elevate your monitor; this way, you're inclined to keep your head up, improving your posture in the long run! 

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Bring your keyboard (or your laptop) closer to you when you type.

This trick naturally makes you sit up straight and avoid having to lean forward.

If you can’t read something so well, zoom in your computer screen instead of moving closer to your monitor.

This will help protect your peepers, too, but if you feel that your vision is the issue, its always best to have your eyes checked in case you need prescription lenses.


Lighten your everyday load. 

In case you still haven’t heard, carrying a massive, heavy tote every day to work can strain your back, causing tension headaches and muscle aches. To help you carry a lighter purse, start by paring down your everyday kikay kit or coin and receipt-loaded wallet

Bonus: Something you can do at home?—throw away your old, ill-fitting bras.

Yup, the old, bacon-y bra that you wear on a regular basis is another reason for your discomfort. According to Triumph bra-fitting specialist Paula Svoboda in a feature on the NY Post, bras “stretch more than you think and this means you won’t be as supported when the bra was brand new.” She encourages women to replace their bras every year. 

If you’re a busty woman, for instance, an ill-fitting bra tends to strain your upper back and neck as the weight of your breasts are not fully supported. Meanwhile, if you’ve gained a few pounds, the band of your bra could also be squeezing your back. “A bra that’s too tight restricts movement in the upper back, causing stiffness as well as spine restriction,” physiotherapist Tim Allardyce told Essentials. 


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