Dear Reader,

You opened this letter because you have felt—or are now feeling—that you are not enough. Perhaps you lack in some areas: You feel you're neither fair enough nor skinny enough. Or perhaps you have too much: too much hair, or too many stretch marks. And these poisonous words echoing in your mind are making you doubt, perhaps even unlove, yourself little by little.

You have been called several names and have heard many passive-aggressive comments targeting your insecurities—imperfections you have always been aware of but never minded because you loved yourself. A society dictated by a singular definition of beauty is a tough environment to live in, especially when you don't fit the mold. Thus, whatever feature you have that didn't conform to their standard was made out to be a flaw.

The good news is you're not alone in this isolating and alienating experience. We have all felt like this.

But you don't need to conform to society's standards to be beautiful. In fact, we vehemently discourage you from doing so. You should strive to be your best self not because you want to be included in an "elite group," but because you want to improve yourself in the way you see fit. If you want to achieve better skin or a healthier body, go for it. What's vital is that you don't lose sense of why you're doing so in the first place.

Remind yourself every day that you want to look physically better according to your own standards to boost your confidence, not because someone pointed out your imperfections.

Start by using products that truly care about you and are committed to bringing out your most beautiful self. Make the switch to Dove Ultimate White deodorant, which is now better than ever with Vitamins B3 and Dove’s signature 1/4 moisturizing cream. Dove's formula can remove the harsh effects of shaving, plucking, and waxing, so it helps you gain confidence by letting you attain smoother, fairer, and more beautiful underarms.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that you're doing this for you, not for anyone else. Remember: Only you can dictate what's best for you.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with DOVE.