According to a new study featured on Science Daily, an increase in protein intake may protect you from muscle loss brought about my intense workout sessions.

For 31 days, researchers gave young male and female volunteers three sets of controlled diets with different protein levels: one group had the US recommended daily allowance (RDA), the second group ate twice the US RDA, and the third group had thrice the US RDA. They were given enough calories to maintain their body weight for 10 days in order to adapt to the new protein levels, and they were asked to undergo a strict weight-loss program to achieve a two-pound loss every week. Tests on muscle protein metabolism were given to see the effect of increased protein intake to muscle mass.

The results revealed that the additional protein given to the volunteers did protect them from muscle loss although there was a limit to its positive effects.

This study essentially confirms what body builders have shown us for a long time–a high-protein diet helps prevent muscle loss when trying to lose fat. After all, exercising is not just geared toward weight loss, as it’s all about keeping your body in tip-top shape.

(Photo by Upstate Options Magazine via Flickr Creative Commons)

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