Every end of the year, I always write a rundown of what happened in the last 12 months. I'd take a look at what I learned from it and what to look forward to in the next year or so. Here's what I have to say:

Earlier this year, I decided to put my travel plans on hold to build an emergency fund, and I managed to reach the specific target I set since I started working. Saving up is hard work, but having a reason helped me avoid unnecessary spending. Now I can save up for traveling or a major purchase.

Due to drastic changes at work, I wanted to leave, so I did a lot of job hunting. I took advantage of my sick leave credits just to beg myself off work. It even came to a point when I considered quitting my job without a new one waiting, because I couldn't handle what was happening and the people around.

After some time, I decided to stay not because I didn't have a choice, but because I may have overlooked some good things about my job, such as the convenience of the schedule, the nature of the work, the holidays off, and the fact that my job pays for my basic necessities. I have learned not to let my feelings get in the way of my work.

I recently attended a family reunion. I noticed that most of my cousins have children now, the youngest ones being just few months old. My aunt even gave me this classic reunion question, "O ikaw, kailan ka mag-aasawa/mag-aanak?" to which I just laughed. I have been in a relationship for five years so far, and have no plans of settling down any time soon. My boyfriend and I both know that we are not yet ready for that, especially in the financial aspect. Getting married is not like a fairy-tale event as portrayed in movies.

I know that I am not yet ready to be a mother. Sure, I find myself melting at the sight of my cousins' babies, but I am not ready to give up the life of having few responsibilities. For me, child bearing isn't just pushing a baby out in the open; it's a lifetime commitment to raise them to be a good contribution to the society.

What am I looking forward in 2016? I am not expecting much, and I haven't made any resolutions, as I am already working on them. I am ready to face whatever challenges come my way. Hopefully, I get to learn more life lessons.

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