1. You don't know anything about her life.
You think she's still with her boyfriend, but the truth is, she's been single for two years. It was a nasty breakup. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

2. You don't tell her anything about your life either.
You're so secretive that she doesn't even know what you do for a living.

3. You always start the conversation with what you've been up to.
Whenever you meet up for coffee, you don't even take a moment to ask her how she's been. You always talk about you, you, and you.

4. You've always been jealous of her.
She has the perfect job, the perfect man, the perfect family. Ugh. You can't be happy for her and you secretly wish she'd fail.

5. You don't care about what she wants.
You always insist on watching horror flicks even if she HATES it. But when she wants to watch an indie film, you bail out on her.

6. Everything you do for her is accounted for.
You don't want to do her any favors because she still "owes" you for the last favor you did her.

7. You make fun of her behind her back.
And you don't even feel guilty about it.

8. You don't keep her secrets.
She tells you certain things in confidence, but when you two have a fight, you won't hesitate to spread them around. Not cool.

9. You still haven't forgiven her for what she did in the past.
You say you're still friends, but you can't help but bring up that thing she did over and over again. If you genuinely still want to be friends, you have to let bygones be bygones. You can't just guilt-trip her whenever you feel like it. If you realize that you haven't forgiven her, be honest about it.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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