The Loyal Best Friend

She’s seen you at your best and worst, but she still loves you! The loyal best friend is always there to listen to your woes and encourages you to keep reaching for your dreams. She’s someone whom you can count on through thick and thin, in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning.

The Travel Buddy
From Manila to anywhere around the world–she’s that one friend who doesn’t mind going from one place to another, enduring long lines at the airport, and mingling with people from a different race or culture. It’s when you’re with her that you get to indulge your adventurous side.

The Brutally Honest Confidant

Everyone needs a friend who will tell you like it is—whether that means commenting on your look for the day or sharing her opinion on your latest relationship. It may be hard to have a brutally honest friend, but in the long run, you’ll realize that she’s helping you see the other side of the story instead of sugar-coating it just to make you feel better.

The Fitness Buff
Been wanting to try yoga or Pilates? The fitness buff friend is your go-to girl when you’re in the mood to get fit. Aside from being a gym/fitness buddy, she’s the friend who helps and supports you in your goals of getting fit and healthy this year.

The Fashion Guru

Thinking of which shoes to pair with your outfit for your date? Just call on your fashion guru friend and she’ll know the answer! She’s the one who gives you tips on fashion, style and how you should present yourself in certain occasions.

The Friend from a Different Culture or Race
It’s always nice to learn, know and explore other cultures. Having a cross-cultural friendship opens your eyes on how other people deal with different things and widens your understanding on certain issues as well.

The Polar Opposite
If you’re a book lover, try meeting friends who are movie lovers for a change. Don’t get us wrong—being pals with people who have the same interests as you is great, but having a friend from a different clique gives you the chance to understand diverse topics.

The Daredevil
Whether it’s bungee jumping, white water rafting or eating exotic food, she’s game for anything! She’s not afraid to live life to the fullest by doing extreme things and is always on the hunt for her next adventure–with you. The dare devil may scare you at times, but she’s the type of friend who wants to enjoy and live every moment like it’s her last. Learn from her and live a little.

Flashbox photo: Flickr via Creative Commons

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