Here’s a reality about friendships that needs to be talked about: There are toxic friends who are emotionally and psychologically draining. And the best way to deal with them? End the relationship, stat! Not sure if you’re still in a healthy friendship or one that’s not-so-good for you? Scroll down to find out the telltale traits of a toxic friend.

1. Self-centered
Me, me, and me! This friend can go all day talking about her nails, her perfect boyfriend, and her recent promotion—which leave you with no room to even share a little something about your day. If it doesn’t benefit her, she doesn’t even bother to listen.

2. Super nega
This is the friend who never sees the brighter side of life. She’s always complaining, is in a perpetual state of grumpiness, and makes it a habit to post overly dramatic statuses on Facebook. (And yes, she shuts you down when you ask what’s wrong.) Don’t let her pull you down!If you’ve done your best to encourage her, but she still remains nega, it’s most likely time to let her go. Why? Having a friend who’s always in a slump can emotionally and psychologically drain you.

3. Possessive
You’ve been friends since pre-school and even if you now have families of your own, she still can't wrap her brain around the fact that you can't include her in every moment and milestone of your life. That trip to Boracay you planned with your college dorm roomie? Your possessive friend wants to be part of that getaway, and she'll be sulking for days because you didn't invite her. "I was your friend way before her!"

4. Manipulative
She’s only nice to you when she needs something. And she knows the exact buttons to push for you to give in to her every want and whim. She doesn’t even think twice about resorting to emotional blackmail just to get her way!

5. Backstabs
You watch your friend talk about a common friend behind her back and you wonder if she does that to you, too. The best way to tackle this problem is to have a little chat with her. Tell her what you’ve observed and how you feel about it. If she accepts her mistakes and vows to change, then good, otherwise you should probably just distance yourself from her.

6. Digs up past mistakes
She keeps on bringing up issues that were supposedly forgiven and forgotten long ago. Whether that’s the time when you picked her up late for dinner or the moment you accidentally scratched her car, she never forgets to remind you of your mistakes, and even makes jokes out of 'em in front of your other pals.

7. Takes you for granted
There is such a thing as “booty call friendship”—one where you’re the only one putting in effort to the relationship between you and your pal. She rarely calls and when she does, it’s either she needs something (See point #4.) or you’re her last resort.


Photo edited by Mike Dee ; GIFS: Giphy

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