Been too busy attending to everyday life that you just can’t squeeze in a few minutes of exercise time? No worries.If you can’t exercise at home, you can do it at work (or even on your way to the office). Read on below for tips on how to sneak in a workout sesh or two while at the office.

Turn your commute into a workout

Instead of riding the subway, taking a cab, or driving to work, why not wake up earlier than usual and make your commute a morning exercise by walking part of the way to your office to get that much-needed cardio workout (if it’s near, of course) But if your office is too far from your house, pedal your way to work instead–just don’t forget to bring a towel, a change of clothes, and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Stand up and stretch
Are you a 9-5 sitter? According to Mayo Clinic ProfessorJames A Levine, M.D., Ph.D., sitting too much affects your body in a negative way. It doesn’t hurt much to get up from your chair once in while! A study from Australia shows that one-minute minibreaks throughout the day make a real difference.

Allot a few minutes of your lunch break to work out

If you are one of the lucky few who have a gym in their office, make use of it. You don’t have to do the treadmill for the whole duration of your lunch break, just 20-30 minutes would do. It’s not just a great way to burn some calories, but also helps you relieve some stress.

Buy a hand gripper
Using a hand gripper is an exercise you can certainly do while sitting down. It’s a great workout for your forearms and strengthens your hands to deal with repetitive motion like typing or clicking your mouse. If a hand gripper is too much, you can buy light dumbbells and keep them in your drawer. If you have a bit of free time, you can do one or two repetitions.

Use the stairs instead of the elevator
It’s exhausting and it takes too much of my time–these are the excuses we try to make when faced with the dread of walking up the stairs, but this additional workout can be beneficial to your health. The dynamic and continuous movement of your legs and hips deepens your breathing, which consequently increases your heartbeat. When this happens, your body enhances blood flow to all areas of your body.So the next time you see a long elevator line, go use the stairs.

Do sit-down exercises
There are also other ways to sneak in exercise without having to stand up. If your job requires you to sit down most of the time, these workouts below will be convenient and helpful at the same time!
• Tighten your abs, and hold for 30 seconds. Release and then repeat.
• While sitting at your desk, raise one leg so it’s parallel to the ground, hold for 15 seconds, and then lower it. Repeat with the other leg.
• If your chair has wheels, use your legs to alternate between moving the chair forward a few inches and moving the chair back a few inches.
• Move your chair with your hands by grabbing the edge of your desk, pushing away from it, and then pulling toward it.


Flashbox photo: Two Week's Notice, Warner Bros. (2002)

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