It's been two weeks since we welcomed the New Year. How are you doing with your New Year's resolutions? If you're having a hard time sticking to your no-rice or no-sugar plan, you're not the only one. According to Baron Method founder Harvie de Baron, people often lose sight of their healthy eating resolutions quickly because their solutions often involve programs or ways that are not sustainable.

"Going [the] "starvation route" or eating tasteless food," he says, is just not ideal in the long term. "Plus, the start of the year is when people need the most energy (i.e going to the gym, new projects, work, etc). With that in mind, starving and depriving yourself leads to failure in 'eating healthy.' Truth is, eating healthy doesn't mean cutting back on calories and eating food that tastes like cardboard. It is about choosing the right ingredients and types of food that benefit the body, food the heals instead of destroys."

Need help to stay on track? Harvie lists down these tips:

1. Start with baby steps.
Start by slowly converting your kitchen and pantry staples to healthier alternatives. For example, swap white sugar for muscovado or honey. Change your rice to unpolished rice, buy real condiments that don't have MSG.

2. Involve the people you usually eat with.
If you have a family, make it a household resolution to eat healthy. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, make them eat healthy with you. Thing is, if you have a support system going the same route, your chances of successfully eating healthy increase.

3. Eat breakfast well and snack often.
If you aren't starving at the end of the day, then you are more likely to be able to say no to junk food and sweets.

4. Start preparing meals at home.
No matter what you say, nothing is as good as knowing what goes into your food. Whether a restaurant is "healthy" or not, when you have full control, you'll know if your food is really healthy.

5. Drink lots of water.
Keep yourself hydrated with water. Nix the sugary drinks even if the label says it can help you lose weight.

6. EAT LESS junk food, processed food, fast food.


PHOTO: Pixabay

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