Night owls are a misunderstood bunch and are often viewed as party folk who don't have the word "bedtime" in their vocabulary. The truth is, they also sleep (obviously) since they're just regular people with somewhat irregular functioning hours. Similar to larks, they also have to deal with a lot of misconceptions about their lifestyle. Here are a few things that they'd probably want you to know.

1. Night owls love sleeping.
Just because night owls stay up late doesn't mean that they don't enjoy a good shut-eye. Sleep is an important part of their lives, and like everybody else, they need to have at least seven hours of it to function properly. They may hit the sack at odd times, but once they're up, they'll be more than raring to go.

2. Night owls have a hard time functioning in the morning.
This may seem to be a pretty straightforward statement, but a lot of people take it for granted by telling owls to sleep early or to adjust their schedules. Here's the thing: It's very hard for them to do so as their bodies tick to a different clock than most. Making them work at 9:00 a.m. is like asking a "regular" person to get going at 2:00 a.m. They become unproductive zombies who would, once in a while, snap at anybody who pokes them with a three-meter stick. And speaking of snapping...

3. Night owls tend to be moodier.
A study posted on NBC News states that owls may have a slightly darker outlook in life than the chipper larks and may be more prone to depression. This can be due to either of two things: genes that cause their body clocks to run differently from others, or unsatisfied sleeping cycles caused by forcing a 9-to-5 job. The good news is that mood swings can be easily lessened by proper schedule adjustments.

4. Night owls are more adventurous.
Things get more exciting as dusk settles, and this may well be the reason why night owls enjoy new things and thrills more than your average morning person. According to CBS News, they are also more likely to take risks, a trait which finds them in more interesting situations than morning people.

5. Night owls are more likely to get bedroom action.
It's true: As evening people are more adventurous than their early morning counterparts, they tend to get more sexytime than most. In a feature on TIME, University of Chicago lead researcher Dario Maestripieri explains that getting frisky past other people's bedtime may have something with how our ancestors evolved: "Being active in the evening hours increased the opportunities to engage in social and mating activities, when adults were less burdened by work or child-rearing." However, impulsive owls may have a hard time finding themselves in long-term relationships, as their high cortisol levels cause them shift interests quickly.

6. Night owls enjoy longer periods of peace and quiet.
Quiet coffee shops and empty streets–these are what night owls enjoy on a daily basis. When the world is asleep, they get to experience it in a way that morning larks rarely do: in bountiful silence. They get to hear themselves think, be more in touch with friends, and see things in the hush of the night. A lot of things unfold when the sun sets, and lucky for night owls, they get to experience it all.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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